SereneLife Solar Power Mole Repeller - Animal & Pest Control (PSLCRP6)

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SAFE PEST CONTROL: Serenelife solar repeller is made safe and maintenance-free device uses powerful vibrating sonic sound pulses transmitting in all directions through the ground. It will cause such disturbance to pests that will force them evacuate.

SMART SELF-CHARGING SYSTEM: Built in rechargeable accumulator collecting sun power with high efficiency for operation at night or rainy day. One solar charge will last up to 5 days in darkness, thus ensuring a continuous around-the-clock operation.

EASY TO USE AND NO CHEMICAL: Choose the best spot where the mole repeller directly receive the sunlight as possible. Insert the spike firmly into the ground and enjoy the pest free environment you deserve. Also, safe for use around pet and children.

COVERAGE AREA: The ultrasonic vibration can affect the area ranging 7,000 sq.ft. that can make those unwanted mole, gopher, vole and other burrowing rodent evacuate the area. This is perfect in your garden, front yard, back yard and flowering areas.

DURABLE WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Both the solar panel cover and integrated spike of the mole repeller is rugged marine grade waterproof construction. Please keep the unit 4 inches above the ground to prevent it from being immersed in heavy rain.


  • Effectively Repels Unwanted Moles & Underground Pests
  • Built-in Solar Panel: Smart Self-Charging System
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Design, Battery Included
  • Safely Uses Ultrasonic Vibrations to Make Pests Flee
  • Rugged Marine Grade Waterproof Construction
  • Integrated Spike for Outdoor In-Ground Mounting
  • Perfect for Gardens, Front Yards, Back Yards, Flowering Areas
  • Deters Moles, Voles, Gophers, Ground Hogs & Similar Rodents
  • Power ON/OFF Switch

    Technical Specs:
  • Coverage Area: Up to 7,000'+ Square Feet
  • Battery Type: (1) x 'AA' Rechargeable, 800mAh
  • Marine Grade Waterproof Rating: IP-65
  • Construction Material: Engineered ABS
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 40-10kHz
  • Power Consumption: 15mAh
  • Product Details Learn more about this product.
    Owner Manual - PDF
    UPC: 068888769860
    SPID: 892633120812
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