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SereneLife Solar Power Animal & Pest Repeller, Outdoor Electronic Motion Detector Alert Sensor (Sensitivity Adjustable) (PSLSAR3)

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OUTDOOR USE: Best for yard and patio use, covering up to 30 + square feet. It works for unwanted fox, deer, raccoons, skunks, squirrels & more for gardens, backyards & front yards.

ECO-FRIENDLY: To ensure a healthy home, this solar power pest repeller is constructed as an Eco-friendly pest eliminator. It does not use any chemicals or harmful substances. The ultrasonic frequency serves as a trap that lures in pests.

SOLAR RECHARGING BATTERIES: The ultrasonic pest repeller provides constant all day and night coverage with its solar panel and included 3 'AA' rechargeable batteries.

SAFE FOR HOUSEHOLD PESTS: The electric pest repeller can be made safe for pet cats and dogs by changing the frequency. Simply turn the frequency control button to number 3 or 4, to keep pets safe while repelling pests.

DURABLE WATERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: The solar power ultrasonic pest animal repeller is made of rugged, marine grade IP-44 construction, making it perfect for yard use.


  • Effectively Repels Unwanted Animals & Pests
  • Motion Detection: Triggers an Ultrasonic Sound & Light Flash
  • Built-in Speaker Emits a Safe Ultra-High Frequency Alert
  • Rugged Marine Grade Waterproof Construction
  • Works Day or Night: Built-in IR Infrared Detection Sensor
  • Solar Panel: Smart Self-Charging Design
  • Rechargeable Battery Powered Design (3 x 'AA'), Included
  • (3) Level Adjustable Sensitivity for Animal Size
  • Mountable Spike for Outdoor In-Ground Mounting
  • Works for Cats, Dogs, Fox, Deer, Raccoons, Skunks, Squirrels, etc.
  • Perfect for Gardens, Front Yards, Back Yards, Flowering Areas
  • *Ensure to Test & Fine-Tune Calibration Levels for Best Results

    Pest Repellent Calibration:
  • Freq.: 13.5-19.5kHz, Repels Mice, Rats, Dogs, Foxes, Martens
  • Freq.: 19.5-24.5kHz, Repels Cats, Raccoons, Badgers, Skunks
  • Freq.: 24.5-45.5kHz, Repels Bats, Birds, and Similar Flying Rodents
  • Flashing Light Mode, Repels Larger Rodents, Boards, Raccoons, etc.

    Technical Specs:
  • Horizontal Coverage Area: Up to 30'+ Feet Wide Line
  • Wide Angle 110 Degree Detection
  • Marine Grade Waterproof Rating: IP-44
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 18-23kHz
  • Power Consumption: 15mAh
  • Dimensions: 14.2'' x 3.8'' x 2.4''
  • Details & Specs
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