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SereneLife Smart Pet Laser Toy - Digital Cat Toy Laser Pointer (SLCTLA40)

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AUTO PILOT PLAYTIME: Keep your pet constantly entertained with this automatic cat laser toy light chase game! Sit back and relax as the wireless cube drives your cat out of control as it will pounce and try to catch the funny automated red LED dot.

FLIP FOR WALL OR FLOOR: Turn any surface in your house into a fun playground. Place on a window ledge or table top to shine down at the floor. Set on the floor and watch your kitty chase the uncatchable (imaginary) mouse or bug up the wall.

ADJUSTABLE CIRCLING SPEED: Tap the button on top of the electric spinner and cycle the pattern mode between slow circle, medium, fast speed or pause the rotation and aim the ball like a remote pen pointer in any direction.

UNPREDICTABLE PATH: The rotating electronic teaser beam will puzzle your furry companion with random motion while moving back and forth. Interactive cat play time is engaging, great exercise and excellent sensory stimulation for any smart adult or young cat.

OFF TIMER SETTING: After your kitten tires out the battery operated machine will automatically shut down to save battery life. Small enough for travel. More fun than string and safe for all.


  • Smart Pet Laser Toy
  • Interactive Digital Design
  • Built-in Preset Modes for Automatic Laser Movement
  • Handheld Mode: Take Control & Play Along
  • Simple One Button Operation
  • Adjustable Speed Settings
  • Compact, Portable & Battery-Powered
  • Power Saving: Automatic Shutdown After 30 Mins.
  • Safe for Placement in Any Room in the House
  • Fun for All Pet Ages
  • Play Along with Cats, Dogs and Other Furry Friends!

    Technical Specs:
  • Battery Operated: Requires (3) x "AA" Batteries, Not Included
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.0" x 3.5" x 5.3 -inches
  • Details & Specs
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    SPID: 892637839404