SereneLife Compound Bow & Arrow Accessory Kit (SLCOMB15ST)

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SHOOT YOUR TARGET ACCURATELY - Whether you’re going for deer hunting or shooting objects across the yard or forest, this compound bow kit is designed to provide outstanding shooting performance for any target. Our bow is a professional outdoor archery for kids, teenagers and adults

DESIGNED FOR THE HUNTER - From our ergonomic riser design, sturdy/heavyweight composite limbs to our our heavy duty all-weather strings, every part of our bow is designed with you in mind. The kit package comes with all the equipment a hunter needs for a great hunting experience in the forest. Includes: 5 pin sight,1 peep sight, 4 string silencers, brush arrow rest, D-loop, 1 wrist rope, 2 rubber damper, 1 stabilizer, 1 arrow quiver, 1 string wax, 1 paper target, a manual and more

THE DURABLE DIFFERENCE - We offer the same benefit as other bow compounds do, but with the added benefit of fully machined aluminum with ZERO plastic of the CNC cams unlike traditional bows have. The hard wearing, fiber glass limbs and premium craftsmanship is what makes our bows superior

PERFECT GIFT IDEA - You can think of buying this amazing package as a present for someone who loves hunting, fishing, and shooting targets. The draw weight and draw length is fully adjustable which makes it perfect for children. Buy this as a gift for holidays, birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas gift and any other occasion

BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND : The SereneLife Compound Bow is backed by 1 year warranty. We urge you to purchase with an absolute confidence that your satisfaction is guaranteed


  • 12pcs 30" carbon arrow,
  • 4 string silencers
  • 1 five pin optical bow sight,
  • 1 brush arrow rest,
  • 2 rubber damper,
  • 1 stabilizer,
  • 1 arrow quiver,
  • 1peep sight,
  • 1 D-loop,
  • 1 wrist rope,
  • 1string wax,
  • 1paper target,
  • manual,
  • release aid.
  • 1 set spare string

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