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SereneLife- Blue Clip-on Wearable Camera 1080p Full HD with Built-in Wi-Fi (SLBCM18BL)

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SereneLife Clip-on Wearable Camera 1080p Full HD with Built-in Wi-Fi, Ideal for Classroom to Record the Lecture, Sports, Jogging, Cycling, Hiking, Fishing, and Camping. (Blue)

Product Description:

The SereneLife Full HD 1080p WiFi Pocket Cam, 2-in-1 Camera + Camcorder, Control via Smartphone (Blue) - Compact, Portable & Powerful Pocket Cam - Ability to Snap Pictures & Record Video - Full HD 1080p Video Recording - Hi-Res Crisp Image Capture - WiFi Wireless Control Ability - Control the Cam via the Downloadable ‘WIFI SDV’ App - 1.8’’ Digital LCD Display - Playback Your Recorded Media On-Screen - Micro SD Card Slot - Easy File Sharing & File Transfer - Loop Recording for Continuous Capture - Integrated Microphone for Audio Recording - Includes Attachment Clip & USB Charging Cable - Anti-Shake Camera Stabilization - The ‘WIFI SDV’ App: - Control Your Camera via Your Smartphone