Spawn Fitness Resistance Bands For Legs Butt Glute, Cotton Latex Training Fit Loop For Men & Women (Set of 3)

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Color: Black, Grey, White

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  • Customize Your Resistance Training - Three sizes offer different levels of resistance so you can increase the tension at your own pace and choose the right size needed for each specific type of movement. Small for high resistance, medium for medium and large for light resistance.
  • Assists All Types of Lower Body Exercises - Athletes and beginners alike will benefit from the continuous flat form which safely aids in stretching, mobility and firming, squats, glutes and hips, yoga, pilates and body exercises on the beach.
  • Comfortable and won't roll up - Designed for tall, short, heavy or thin. Placement around the ankles, feet and above the knees. Fit Loops are used by fitness instructors, personal trainers, people doing their own routines as well as physical therapists. The special gripping surface prevents slipping and does not loosen over time.
  • High Quality - Double stitched on all seams to prevent rips or tears. Designed with comfort in mind. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry anywhere.
  • Durable fabric made with an elastic blend of cotton and latex. The sizes are 7.6 x 36.8cm in Mint Green, 7.6 x 41.9cm in Peach Coral, and 7.6 x 47cm in Powder Blue. The slim and personalized carry bag makes it easy to transport your training equipment.
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Brand: Spawn
Color: Black Grey White
Color: Pink Blue Mint Green
Features: Loop Resistance Band. Cotton. Latex. Tension. Lower Body Exercise. Durable Fabric. Lightweight & Compact. High Quality. Fitness. Double Stitched. Designed with Comfort in Mind. Carrier Bag.
Key Features: Customizable workout 3 different levels of tension assists all types of exercise. Designed for comfort double stitching ensures it never rips and doesn't roll-up. Made from high-quality durable cotton & latex.
Material: Cotton Latex
Model Number: SQI80TBJHW
Model Number: SQZYYIXXKW
Product Height: 2.9
Product Length/Depth: 9.0
Product Width: 3.0
Short Description: The Spawn Fitness set of 3 fit loop resistance bands is made from high-quality double-stitched durable cotton & latex designed for comfortable use by tall short heavy or thin. Sizes are 3" x 14.5" 3" x 16.5" 3" x 18.5".
What's in the Box: 1x Small Loop Resistance Band 1x Medium Loop Resistance Band 1x Large Loop Resistance Band.

UPC: 745556770723
NPID: 999181256
NVID: 999198789
SPID: 4608144474227
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