ReptiCasa Loose Coconut Substrate Husk Fibers, 16 Quarts Bag, Clean Natural Terrarium Bedding for Reptiles, Amphibians, or Invertebrates, Waste, Liquid and Odor Absorbent

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Give your reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrate pets more comfortable, natural bedding with ReptiCasa coconut substrate.

When it comes to your pet’s terrarium you want to be able to keep it cleaner and smelling fresher, while still providing them a more natural place to dig, burrow, and go to the bathroom. We created ReptiCasa Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate as the perfect tank or terrarium bedding because it’s soft, absorbent, and creates a naturalistic environment that’s perfect for lizards, snakes, turtles, and other indoor reptiles and amphibians.

Maintain Cleaner, Healthier Enclosures

Our premium coconut husk substrate helps you create a more balanced, naturalistic environment for your pets by helping with humidity, drainage, and waste absorption. And because it’s safe for digging and burrowing, your animal will love creating nests, hiding spots, or places to use the bathroom. It’s also easy to dispose of, biodegradable, and long-lasting to help save you time and effort.

Product Details:

  • Natural Substrate Bedding
  • Loose Coconut Husk Fibers
  • Ideal for Reptiles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates
  • Super Absorbent for Mess-Free Coverage
  • Breaks Down Odors and Waste
  • Biodegradable, Compostable Material
  • Coverage Area: Up to 16 Quarts

Keep your pet’s terrarium cleaner and smelling fresher with a naturalistic coconut husk fiber layer that absorbs odors and liquids while providing a more comfortable place to live and grow. Get it now by clicking Add to Cart above.

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