PyleHome Rack Mount Am/Fm Digital Tuner W/Auto Start Feature (PT504)

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RACK MOUNT TUNER: PyleHome portable rack mount tuner does radio tuning and does it well. It can be easily mounted anywhere. Also, rack mount brackets are included for quick and easy assembly

PRESET FAVORITE STATIONS: With memory for 60 AM and FM station presets, you can quickly and easily tune to your favorite station via the console or remote control. It also has the unique auto start feature. Perfect at any workplace

SELECTABLE KEY: It has 1-10+ selectable key and other key with its designated functions. It has tuning, prev, next, auto scan and store key button. Along with the manual, detailed functions are indicated

REMOTE CONTROL: A simple and user friendly remote control is included with the PT504, providing all the functionality you need from switching input sources. And, it will allow you to access all functions of the receiver quickly and efficiently

SCREEN DISPLAY: The clock is displayed on the rectangular digital screen and can start or stop at a set time. Also, the chosen number of station either am or fm will flash on the screen. It can also be an alarm to set automatically off the unit

WORRY-FREE SHOPPING: With the Pyle PT504, we are confident of the quality of our product

60 (AM+FM) radio station storage - Clock display(am/pm),can start or off at a set time

    Tuning/Pre/Next /Auto scan/Store and - Remote control
    1-10+ select keys for tuner - Dimensions: 19- Inchesw x 9.4- Inchesh x 1.6- Inchesd
    Rack mount brackets - Weight: 3.5 lbs
    110/220V Switchable

    • 60 (AM+FM) radio station storage
    • Tuning/Pre/Next /Auto scan/Store and
    • 1-10+ select keys for tuner
    • Rack mount brackets
    • 110/220V Switchable
    • Clock display(am/pm),can start or off at a set time
    • Remote control
    • Dimensions: 19''w x 9.4''h x 1.6''d
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs
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