Pyle PSPTR19PN Digital Multifunction Sports Wrist Watch - Smart Fit Classic Men Women Sport Running Training Fitness Gear Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Alarm, Stopwatch, Backlight, Pink

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PyleSport Model : PSPTR19PN

Multi-Function Sports Watch

Multi-Function Sports Wrist Watch, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer Step Counter and Stop Watch (Pink)

Sleep Monitor Mode:
  • Grades your quality of sleep within a percentage range up to 100%. The watch's internal motion detection circuitry along with personal statistic input data grade your rest quality. Factors including the users age, time resting and sleeping movement are taken into consideration when given a grade.
  • 7 Day History Record Recall
  • Total Sleep Time Monitoring
  • Sleep Grade Indication: 0 - 100%

  • Pedometer Mode:
  • Displays Total Steps Taken & Distance Traveled
  • User Configurable Stride Settings
  • Calories Burned
  • Exercise Time

  • Stop Watch Mode:
  • Single Button Activation
  • Pause & Resume Ability
  • Minute, Second & Milli-Seconds

  • Watch Features:
  • 'Shake to Wake' LED Backlight Function
  • Selectable Monitoring Modes: Sleep, Pedometer, Stop Watch
  • Time & Date Display
  • Daily Alarm Setting
  • Displays Calories Burned
  • Built-in Memory Data Record Recall
  • 7 Day Personal Data Statistics History
  • Built-in Automatic Calendar
  • Key Tones/Chimes
  • Simple Button Controls
  • Digital Electro-Luminescent Display
  • 5 Activity Reminders (Jogging, Gym, Hiking, Biking & Swimming)
  • Time Selectable: 12/24 Hour Time Format
  • Distance Selectable: km or miles
  • Weight Selectable: kg or lb
  • Battery Powered: (1) x CR2032 Cell Battery
  • Case material - ABS
  • Case dimensions - 48mm
  • Bezel material - ABS
  • Band material - PU
  • Band width - 22mm
  • Total Wrist Strap Length: 208mm

  • The Pyle PSPTR19 Multi-Function Digital Wrist Watch features a pedometer step counter, stop watch and sleep monitor -- all in one! The unique 'Shake to Wake' function allows the watch to recognize your active state and illuminates the backlight display when you wave your wrist. The featured Sleep Monitor Mode grades your sleep level. The watch uses your user-defined input data along with internal motion detection circuitry that gives your sleep a score from 0 to 100. Additional features include a Pedometer Step-Counter Mode which allows you to see distance traveled, exercise time and calories burned. It's all visible on the digital backlit watch face display; so you'll have the ability to enjoy the watch for training purposes or as a regular day-to-day wrist watch with time display and alarm setting ability. Keep track whether you're exercising or sleeping with the Pyle PSPTR19 Multi-Function Digital Wrist Watch.

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