Pyle Left-Turn Cable Protective Cover Ramp, Cord/Wire Concealment Protection Track (PCBLCO32)

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INTERLOCKING DESIGN: The cable protector speed bump features an interlocking design that allows for multiple connection lengths. The left-turn angled design makes set up easier to execute and plan.

PROTECTIVE CONCEALMENT: The speed bump cable protector utilizes durable heavy duty engineered polyethylene material to effectively hide and protect exposed cables, wires and cords.

SAFE FOR PUBLIC AREAS: The ramp cable protector comes in a bright yellow color, perfect for visibility and safety. Its anti-slip textured surface makes it perfect for high 'walking-traffic' areas.

SEAMLESS DESIGN: The low profile floor ramp features a non-interfering style that allows wheels & carts to roll over it safely. Perfect for power lines, extension cords, network cables, etc.

TWO CHANNEL COVERAGE: This cable and cord concealment features a 2-slot multi-channel design for running cables. Protect multiple cables with a 2,000 pound capacity.


  • Rugged, Durable, Reliable
  • Protective Cable Concealment
  • Bright & Visible Yellow Safety Color
  • 2-Slot, Multi-Channel Design for Running Cables
  • Left-Turn Angled Design
  • Safe in High 'Walking-Traffic' Areas
  • Anti-Slip Textured Surface
  • Ability to Cover Multiple Cables/Wires/Cords
  • Non-Interfering Style Allows Wheels & Carts to Roll Over
  • Interlocking Design Allows for Multiple Connection Lengths
  • Perfect for Power Lines, Extension Cords, Network Cables, etc.
  • Used in Homes, Offices, Warehouses, Stores, Stages & More

    Technical Specs:
  • Extra Rugged 2,000 lb. Max Load Capacity
  • Maximum Cable Diameter/Thickness Compatibility: 1.2''
  • Construction Material: Heavy Duty Engineered Polyethylene
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.6" x 10.6" x 2.0"
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    UPC: 068888772792
    SPID: 892614770732
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