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Pyle Compact & Portable Washing Machine - Mini Laundry Clothes Washer (PUCWM11)

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$102.99 CAD

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COMPACT and PORTABLE SIZE: The compact size of this washing machine makes it completely portable and perfect for compact environments

HASSLE-FREE OPERATION: It’s easy to operate, simply insert detergent and water and set timer.

PERFECT: For Small Laundry Loads: This compact washer is ideal for undergarments, Socks and T-Shirts, and Towels as well.

EASY STORAGE and PORTABILITY: The lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for travel, camping trips, college rooms or dormitories.

CAPACITY and DIMENSIONS: This portable washer has its wash-load capability of 4.5 lbs. – approximate dimensions 13.8” X 14.1” X 19.7”.


  • Convenient Top-Loading Washing Machine
  • Hassle-Free Operation: Simply Insert Detergent & Water
  • Does Not Require Any Special Parts or Plumbing
  • Watch it Work: Translucent Tub Container
  • Energy & Water Efficient Design
  • Ideal for Small Laundry Loads
  • Perfect for Underwear, Socks, T-Shirts & Towels
  • Rotary Control Wash Timer
  • Compact & Portable Size

    Technical Specs:
  • High-Powered Washing Motor: 180 Watt
  • Wash-Load Capacity: 4.5 lbs.
  • Water Tank Capacity: 19Liters
  • Noise Level: 57dB
  • Power: 110V
  • Dimensions: 13.8" x 14.1" x 19.7"
  • Details & Specs
    UPC: 068888771320
    SPID: 892635775020

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