Pyle Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier Headset, Noise-Cancelling, Rechargeable Battery, 50' ft Wireless Range, (PHPHA78)

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PyleHealth Model : PHPHA78

Bluetooth TV Assistive Hearing Headset

Bluetooth 2.4GHz Wireless TV Assistive Hearing Amplifier Headset

System Features:

Convenient Wireless Design

Hearing Audio Amplifying System

Built-in Bluetooth for Call Answering

Effectively Reduces Background Noise

Noise-Cancelling & Voice Clarifying Technology

Tested to Provide a More Comfortable Listening Experience

ASC (Automatic Signal Control) Regulates & Balances Sound

Hearing Aid Charges By Connecting to Receiver Dock Base

Digital Audio Optical Input for Home Theater Connection

Built-In Rechargeable Battery

Universal Size Fits All Shapes & Sizes

Tone, Balance & Volume Control Adjustable

Built-in Microphone (Used for Telephone / Smartphone Calls)

Also Connects to Televisions, Computers, DVD Players, etc.

Receiver Inputs: 3.5mm Audio & Microphone Jacks

Power Saving Auto Power-Off

Bluetooth Connectivity:

Allows Hands-Free Call Answering Ability

Simply Press the Button to Accept Calls

Bluetooth Version: 4.0

Wireless Range: 50’+ Feet

What’s in the Box:

Wireless Hearing Amplifier

Receiver Charging Dock Base

Wall Power Adapter + USB Charging Cable

Aux (3.5mm) / RCA Audio Connection Cables

Digital Optical Fiber Cable

Wired Microphone Cable

Replacement Earbuds

Ear-Hanging Loops

Technical Specs:

2.4GHz Wireless Digital Audio Transmission

Average Charging Time: About 3.5 Hours

Battery Type: Lithium-ion, 3.7V

Battery Life up to 18 Hours

Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz

Transmission Rate: 2Mbps

Distortion: < 1.0%

S/N Ratio: 75dB

Power: 120V (DC 5V Adapter)

Receiver Base Size (L x W x H): 4.6’’ x 3.8’’ x 0.9’’

Wireless Headset Size (L x W x H): 7.9’’ x 5.2’’ x 0.8’’

The Pyle Wireless Hearing Amplifier System features Bluetooth connectivity. Improve your hearing quality with convenient impaired-hearing headset style. It works anywhere, and can be worn comfortably throughout the day -- whether at home or at the office. Improved audio quality is made possible with the built-in 2.4GHz wireless noise-cancelling and voice clarifying circuitry. ASC (Automatic Signal Control) technology regulates sound waves for a smoother and more comfortable listening experience. Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to charge the headset with the included docking station. You will also have the ability to connect to external devices like your telephone, TV, computer and more. Bluetooth allows you to enjoy hands-free call answering with a simple press of the button. Additional features include built-in microphone, audio (3.5mm) input connector, volume adjustment and the system also includes a clip-on microphone extension cable with replacement earbuds. Enjoy convenient wireless hearing audio amplification with the Pyle PHPHA78 Wireless Assistive Hearing Amplifier Headset.

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