Mockins Wine Saver Pump, Stopper, Aerator, Corkscrew, Accessory Set (MHWINCO98)

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Have you had enough of opening a nice bottle of wine only to have it go bad so quickly?

Are you looking to bring out the best taste and flavor from your wine?

With the Mockins All-In-One Wine Saver Aerator Corkscrew Accessory Set you'll be able to drink and sip your wine at ease without having the pressure to finish a bottle or spill any out.

What's Included:

1 X Wine Aerator

Our wine aerator utilizes the Bernoulli Effect to infuse the ideal amount of oxygen in every pour.

6 X Reusable Rubber Wine Stoppers

Use the wine corks to preserve your wine and keep that same great taste and flavor even after opening.

1 X Wine Saver Vacuum Pump

Seal your bottle by using wine by using this vacuum pump to remove all the air.

1 X 3-In-1 Corkscrew

Our corkscrew wine opener includes a foil cutter and beer bottle opener.


● Aerator: 8.6" in L

● Pump: 4.7" in L

● Comes prepackaged in a gift box, perfect for gifting!

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our customers are our #1 priority. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our products. If you have any questions or concerns pleas contact us and we will be happy to assist!

Product Details Learn more about this product.
Features: "Wine Accessory Kit; Wine Aerator Uses the Bernoulli Effect to Infuse Oxygen Into the Wine As It Pours; Reusable Rubber Stoppers to Preserve Wine; Wine Vacuum Pump Seals the Bottle of wine By Removing All the Oxygen; Prepackaged
Key Features: "Wine Accessory Kit; In-Bottle Wine Aerator; Reusable Rubber Stoppers; Wine Vacuum Pump; Prepackaged in A Gift Box;"
Walmart CA Brand: "Mockins"
Walmart CA Color: "Black"
Walmart CA Description: "Mockins All-In-One Wine Accessory Kit; In-Bottle Wine Aerator to Infuse the Wine With The Perfect Amount of Oxygen; Reusable Rubber Stoppers; Wine Vacuum Pump Witch Removes All the Oxygen In Order to Preserve The W
What's in the Box: "1 x Wine Aerator; 6 x Reusable Rubber Wine Stoppers; 1 x Wine Saver Vacuum Pump;"

UPC: 819867021482
NPID: 999181199
NVID: 999198660
SPID: 4590978138227
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