Mockins Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler, Asthma & Allergy Relief - White (MHHSINHAWH88)

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Have you been looking for a more natural way to relieve asthma and allergy symptoms?

Do you wish you could escape to a salt cave or sea to enjoy its rich salt therapeutic atmosphere?

For those who don't have the luxury to escape to such destinations, the Mockins Himalayan Rock Salt Inhaler Pipe is the affordable way to reap all the health benefits right from home

The idea is to replicate the therapeutic effect of Speleotherapy, where you inhale salt-infused air in a natural salt cave.

The mockins salt inhaler allows you to enjoy the benefits of natural salt caves in the comfort of your own home. The mockins salt inhaler is ceramic glazed inside and out and includes with 1 bag of genuine Himalayan pink salt from the mines in Pakistan.

The easy to use pink Himalayan Salt inhaler is a quick, economic and natural way to provide relief to respiratory ailments. It's as simple as placing your mouth on the mouthpiece, taking a deep breath, and feeling like you are taking a breath of fresh salty air.

As you breathe, the natural moisture in the air absorbs the salt particles into your lungs, which can help with sinus problems, asthma, allergies, the common cold, hay fever, congestion and more.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our customers are our number one priority. We stand by our product and offer a lifetime hassle-free replacement or money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out and we will be happy to assist. Take a deep breath and enjoy the salt inhaler and all the health benefits it comes with.


- Made of high quality ceramic.

- Compact Design.

- Finger prints carved for easy grip with one hand.

- Perfect size makes it easy to store in the most convenient places like bathroom shelf, bedside table etc.

- Salt lasts for years.

Health benefits:

- Helps Sinus Ailments.

- Promotes Sounder Sleep.

- Moisturizes Dry Mucous Membranes.

- May Help Reduce Mucus Build Up.

- Reduces inflammation.

- Detoxifies the Air You Breathe.

- Cleanses the Respiratory System.

- Promotes Mental Calmness While Relieving Stress.

- Reduces Blood Pressure.


Take the salt inhaler pipe and place it in your mouth. Breathe in normally through the mouth, and exhale through the nose.


Weight: 9oz / 16oz with salt

Dimensions: 5"X2.5"X2.5" Inches

Product Details Learn more about this product.
Brand: Mockins
Color: White
Features: Himalayan Salt Inhaler; High Quality Ceramic; Compact Design; Help Sinus Ailments; Promotes Sounder Sleep; Reduces Inflammation; Cleans Respiratory System; Reduces Blood Pressure; Salt Lasts For Years; 7oz of Salt;
Key Features: Help Sinus Ailments; Promotes Sounder Sleep; Moisturises Dry Mucous Membranes; Reduces Inflammation; Detoxifies the Air You Breathe; Cleans Respiratory System; Promotes Mental Calmness; Relieves Stress; Reduces Blood Pressure
Material: Ceramic
Product Height: 5.0
Product Length/Depth: 2.5
Product Width: 2.5
Short Description: Mockins Himalayan Salt Inhaler; size makes it easy to store in the most convenient places like bathroom shelf bedside table etc.; 7oz of Salt; Helps Sinus Ailments; Reduces inflammation; Cleanses the Respiratory System;
What's in the Box: Ceramic Salt Inhaler; 7oz of Himalayan Salt;

UPC: 819867021291
NPID: 999181184
NVID: 999198645
SPID: 4590977319027
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