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InfraGlow NIR & Red Light Therapy Lamp - Infrared Red Light Therapy Bulb with 18 LEDs & Clip-On Lamp - at-Home Red Light Therapy for Body, Chronic Pain Relief, Skin Wellness, & Recovery Accelaration

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  • RELIEVE YOUR JOINT & MUSCLE PAIN - The 660nm Infrared light therapy for pain, emitted by 9 of the 18 InfraGlow LEDs, digs deep into tissues & organs to help with inflammation & the natural repairing of your cells.
  • HELP YOUR SKIN & TISSUES MAINTAIN STRENGTH & WELLNESS - The 850nm redlight-therapy device quickly and effectively gets absorbed by your skin, providing help with visible wrinkles & fine lines.
  • GET BETTER SLEEP & IMPROVE YOUR MOOD - The LED healing lights of the red lamp provide deep red light therapy which is known to catalyze your body's serotonin production, improving mood and sleep.
  • SPEED UP YOUR POST-WORKOUT & POST-INJURY RECOVERY - Whether for scarring, joint, muscle, or tissue recovery, the near infrared, & deep red light bulb's frequencies can help your body's repair processes.
  • USE FOR WHOLE-BODY WELLNESS RIGHT AT HOME - The convenient Clip-On red light therapy lamp can be pointed at any part of your body, fortifying wellness in the joints, muscles & tissues.=

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Key Features Red & Infrared Light Therapy
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