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PylePro 13 in 1 Audio Cable Tester, (PCT60)

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PylePro Model : PCT60

13-in-1 Audio Cable Tester

13 IN 1 Audio Cable Tester (Tests 1/4'' (TRS) /1/8'' (3.5mm)/XLR (3-Pin)/XLR (5-Pin)/Speakon (4-Pin)/Speakon (8-Pin)/RCA/TT/Bantam/RJ45/USB-A/USB-B/DIN (3-Pin, 5-Pin, 7-Pin, Or 8-Pin)/DIN (4-Pin)

Enables Quick Convenient Continuity Cable Testing For All Type Of Cables

LEDS Confirm Each Conductor's Continuity and Connection

Switch for Selecting Connections to Be Tested

Includes Internal Battery and Ground Connection Status Check

Rugged, Compact, Metal Construction for Long life and Reliability

Tests Cables with All Types Combinations of the Following Connections

1/4'' (TRS) /1/8'' (3.5mm)/XLR (3-pin)/XLR (5-pin)/Speakon (4-pin)/Speakon (8-Pin)/RCA/TT/Bantam/RJ45/USB-A/USB-B/DIN (3-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin, or 8-pin)/DIN (4-Pin)

The PCT60 is an incredibly versatile 13-in-1 cable tester that quickly delivers accurate continuity information about many different kinds of cables. LEDs on the unit confirm each conductor's continuity and connection. Also includes ground connection status check so you know the tester is accurate. Tests ¼' (TRS), 1/8' (3.5mm), XLR (3-pin and 5-pin), Speakon (4-pin and 8-pin), RCA, TT, Bantam, RJ45, USB-A, USB-B, DIN (3-pin, 4-pin, 5-pin, 7-pin, or 8-pin).

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3.5mm AUX 1
Included In The Box 13 in 1 Audio Cable Tester; AA Batteries; Ground Connection Status Check Tester.
Features Enables Quick Convenient Continuity Cable Testing For All Type Of Cables; LEDS Confirm Each Conductor's Continuity and Connection; Internal Battery and Ground Connection Status Check; Rugged, Compact, Metal Construction.
Power Supply AA Batteries
Product Height (With unit) 1.5
Product Width (With unit) 8.27
Product Length/Depth (With unit) 3.74
1/4" Port 1


Product IDs PCT60
Vendor SKU / MPN PCT60
UPC 068888995726
No3rd Variant ID 999196652
No3rd Item ID 999196652
No3rd Product ID 999179159
Owner Manual - PDF
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