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Pyle Wireless Automatic Bill Counter Machine, Counterfeit Detection, LCD Display, 1100 Pieces Per Min, (PRMC700)


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Upgraded Pyle Bill Counter, Cash, Automatic Counting Machine, Toploader, UV & MG Counterfeit Detection, UV Scanning, LCD Display, 1100 Pieces Per Min, U.S. & Canadian Dollar, Euros & Pound (PRMC700)

Product Description:

The Pyle Banknote Bill Counter provides accurate & reliable money counting ability. Built-in high-sensitivity security features ensure each bill is scanned thoroughly for authenticity. Hassle-free operation allows you to load the hopper and begin automatic bill processing with the press of a button. If the unit detects a counterfeit, the system will cease counting and a beeping alarm notification detects the faulty banknote. It works with all types of bills -- whether they are old, new, wrinkled or even fatigued notes from years of circulation. The system can also be used wirelessly thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery. Use the button control center to manage your bill-counting process; choose the 'Add' function to continuously keep count of bills as they are added and processed through the hopper, or chose the 'Batch' function which will automatically stop processing bills once a set target amount is achieved. Enjoy accurate, reliable and high-speed bill-counting ability with the Pyle Banknote Bill Counter.


  • Accurate, Reliable & Hassle-Free & Bill Counting
  • Integrated Counterfeit Bank Note Detection
  • Built-in UV (Ultraviolet) Scanning for Bill Authenticity
  • Magnetic (MG), Magnetic Thread (MT), & Infrared (IR) Detection
  • Dual High-Precision Counting Sensors for Accurate Scanning
  • Beeping Alarm Notification with Counterfeit Detection
  • Adjustable Top-Loading Bill Feeding Hopper
  • (2) Counting Modes: Manual and Automatic
  • 'Add' Function: Continuously Keeps Count of Bills Added
  • 'Batch' Function: Process Bills in Designated Amounts
  • Front Panel Digital LCD Display & Button Control Center
  • Includes Detachable Exterior LCD Display Screen Readout
  • Worldwide Bill & Currency Compatibility
  • Works with Varying Condition Bills
  • (Old, New, Wrinkled, Ripped, Bent, Fatigued Bills)
  • Simple Bill Thickness Adjustment Screw for Various Currencies
  • Rugged Construction & Stain-Resistant Housing
  • Includes Power Cable & Machine Cleaning Brush 

    Technical Specs:
  • Works with U.S., Canadian, Euro & British Pound Bank Notes
  • Bank Note MIN. Size: 50mm x 90mm
  • Bank Note MAX. Size: 90mm x 190mm
  • Bank Note Thickness Range: 0.075mm - 0.15mm
  • Half-Note & Chain-Note Automatic Sensing
  • Hopper Bank Note MAX Capacity: +/- 320
  • Bill Counting Speed: 1100+ Pieces Per Minute
  • UV Detection Sensitivity Adjustable (0-200)
  • MG Detection Sensitivity Adjustable (0-50)
  • IR Detection Sensitivity Adjustable (0-10)
  • Maximum Batch Range: 0-999
  • Power Consumption: <70 Watt
  • Power: 110/220V, AC
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.8'' x 10.2'' x 6.5''
  • Sold as: 1
  • Weight: 11.45 lbs

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    Product IDs PRMC700
    Vendor SKU / MPN PRMC700
    UPC 068888762502
    No3rd Variant ID 195122
    No3rd Item ID 195122
    No3rd Product ID 177725
    Owner Manual - PDF
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