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Why buy a turntable in 2020?

Why buy a turntable in 2020?

It’s 2020. Everyone’s wearing flares and mullets are back in. Music is abounded with reverbs and synths, and people are once again using the word ‘funky’. Retro is back…and you better be ready.

They say what goes out of fashion always makes a comeback, and this is certainly true for turntables. Despite the popularity of CDs and Mp3 files since the 90s, turntables have experienced a rise in sales ever since 2012. Now that the 70s and 80s are having their moment in the sun, this is the time to grab yourself some decks.

So why exactly should you buy a turntable? Good question. If you have never listened to a vinyl played on a turntable, you have never experienced the ‘warm’ timbre that is often described by your parents. Think of it as a rounded and full texture that is not created using the sharp sound caused by digital production. This analogue sound is a result of the vinyl material and can also include the organic sound of the needle against the record. The unique experience is something that millennials have got to get their hands on, if they haven’t already.

Now, if you have a tonne of records lying around, you will know that they are a fantastic collectible item, with distinctive cover art and once-off releases by modern artists. Part of the fun is delving through racks of records to find a treasure, and once you hit a goldmine, the feeling is rewarding like no other. The vinyl collecting community is a historical movement that attracts music lovers, artists and fanatics.  

In a fusion of old and new, today’s turntables have more capability than ever before. Pyle’s Bluetooth Speaker Turntable and Vintage Turntable Stereo Systems have built-in Bluetooth for wireless streaming, as well as Vinyl-to-Mp3 recording functions. That’s right, you get vintage retro aesthetic merged with today’s latest technology. A match made in heaven. Just like you and your new Pyle turntable.

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